ADAM & EVE Waist Trainer Corset

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This top-of-the-line corset is raved for its amazing waist-cinching and boning properties that literally help in shaping your sexy curve! The structure of this corset hugs your body so nicely with its well-researched boning technology meant to slim your waist and bring out a sexier body shape.


The Revolutional Slim by Carvico, the high-end Italian fabric that boasts of its slimming ingredients, makes sure you truly feel your journey towards losing unwanted fats, and looking and feeling like a vixen with your more defined, slimmer waist in just 8 weeks. It has front fastening hooks for easier wear, too. Extra benefit that we truly love: This topnotch corset gives your breasts an instant push, making you feel even more empowered and sexier! Wear this under any outfits, and you are assured to reap its fabric’s super effective slimming capabilities!

This corset comes in black and nude beige colors.


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